Ghost writing

We want the world to know YOU, not Click Clack Writing. That's why we focus on getting your voice just right. Your novel, eBook, or memoir should be just as unique as you (or your business).


Our Specialties:

  • eBooks

  • Business Books

  • Inspirational Nonfiction

  • Memoirs

  • Fiction: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Commercial Fiction, Young Adult, Middle Grade, and More




Our pricing is competitive and fair.

Pricing is highly dependent on the project. We take into account the following when creating a price quote:

  • Targeted word count

  • Depth of research

  • Level of involvement between ghost writer and client (How many meetings will the project involve?)

  • Number of revisions

  • Additional services

To inquire about pricing for your project(s), please contact us.

Let's Meet

Typically, ghost writing involves a good deal of planning. We prefer meeting with our ghost writing clients in person before and during the project.

Do you live in the Twin Cities metro area? Great! Let's meet.

If not, we are still open to working with you if you are up for the occasional video chat and phone call. Contact us and let's work something out! 


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