Speaking & Teaching

We give interactive presentations about all things writing. Ask about our novel-writing, book-coaching, editing, and blogging courses.

Classes range from one-time presentations to multi-day courses.

I felt energized to continue working on my project. Your handouts got me thinking more about what I want to create for my readers.
Thanks again for sharing your passion for writing!
— Kim DeBlieck, Edina Community Ed Class
 Presentation for SCORE (small business mentoring program)

Presentation for SCORE (small business mentoring program)

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Our Courses:

  • Write A Killer First Draft
  • Plot Your Novel
  • The Anatomy of an eBook
  • Write Your Business Book!
  • Custom courses available upon request
[Your presentation] was very well done and relevant. Good exercises too for everyone to get started.
I was impressed with the turn-out. That’s one of the biggest I’ve seen in a while, so you had the right topic to present about.
— Mary Jacobs, Director, The Center for Sales Innovation, St Catherine University


Our pricing is competitive and fair. We base our pricing on the length of the course (from less than an hour to multi-day workshops) and amount of preparation involved.

To inquire about pricing, please contact us.

 Presentation for SCORE (small business coaching)

Presentation for SCORE (small business coaching)